Heidelberg Materials Granite Falls Operations

As of January 2023, Lehigh Hanson and the majority of their affiliated North American brands, including Cadman, transitioned to unify under one brand: Heidelberg Materials.

Heidelberg Materials Pacific Northwest currently operates a sand, gravel, and crushed stone (aggregate) mine on a 425-acre-site on the Mountain Loop highway outside of Granite Falls. The mine was originally permitted in 1998 and began operating shortly thereafter. This operation employs three residents of Granite Falls and 21 residents of Snohomish County.

Photo: Cadman Materials, Inc. sand and gravel mine in Granite Falls, Washington

Heidelberg Materials sand and gravel mine in Granite Falls, Washington

Proposed Expansion Project

The existing Conditional Use Permit expires on December 31, 2024. Heidelberg Materials seeks approval for the current operation to continue, as well as an expansion which will incorporate an additional 42 acres west of the existing mine and approximately 14 acres north within the new Conditional Use Permit.

This proposed expansion will continue to extract sand, gravel, and crushed stone from the Western Belt Melange formation. Heidelberg Materials will utilize existing road access, processing plants, and other operational features for the processing and handling of material, where feasible. The total volume of material from the expansion is expected to increase the available reserves to approximately 25 million tons. The permitting effort is for a 25-year mine life, although it is expected that actual reserves will last longer than 25 years.